Danleigh Engineering started off as a family business over 20 years ago which concentrated on steel manufacturing and fabrication jobs for various industries and individuals, but has now grown into a company that targets the home building industry by supplying, delivering and installing structural steel beams, lintels, columns, structures and much more.

Danleigh Engineering has always operated in West Heidelberg, where the work gets prepared before it gets dropped off and installed at residential properties around Melbourne.

Danleigh Engineering used to concentrate on large quantity jobs using tool operated presses and lathes to create a series of metal items necessary for the construction of bike racks, caravan tables, wheelchair ramps and more. But in time moved off to provide for structural steel demands in the housing industry.


Why we work with Structural Steel?


Steel for the construction industry


Structural steel fabrication is a process often employed in the making of steel frames, which are used in building construction. 

Many buildings are constructed from a frame made of horizontal T-beams and vertical steel columns. 

These steel frames are positioned into a rectangular grid that will support the roof, walls, and floors of the building.

This technique is used to form all sorts of structures.


Steel provides high strength

Structural Steel Fabrications can be used in both residential and commercial construction industries.

  • Steel columns and beams are both durable and cost-effective for forming the frame of the building.
  • Steel framing provides high strength, sustainable structures.
  • Allows for quick design, fabrication and installation to get your building construction running more quickly.
  • Materials and services are readily available.
  • Allows for more designing freedom.